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Vanillic acid
Vanillin acetate
Vanillin isobutyrate
Vanillyl butyl ether
Methyl vanillate


4019 Maotai-flavor flavoring agent Sweet Maotai-flavor
4021 Corn ketone Sweet corn flavor
4022 Tasteless ketone Pale fragrance, eliminating pungency and reducing wood smell for tobacco flavor.
4023 Popcorn ketone Popcorn smell
4024 Caramel Caramel smell
4025 Bread ketone Fermentive bread smell
4026 Frying wheat ketone Frying wheat smell
4029 Milk flavoring Sweet milk smell
6001 Beef flavoring Braising paste dried beef
6002 Best baking beef Pure carbon baking beef smell
6003 H baking beef Pure carbon baking beef smell
6004 Beef flavoring Beef with soy sause
6005 Pork flavoring Soy stewed pork
6006 Pork flavoring Sauce-boiled meat and ham
6007 Pig paste flavoring Pork with soy sause
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